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Air - Talkie Walkie & The Virgin Suicides

LP1 Talkie Walkie
A1. Venus
A2. Cherry Blossom Girl
A3. Run
A4. Universal Traveler
A5. Mike Mills

B1. Surfing On A Rocket
B2. Another Day
B3. Alpha Beta Gaga
B4. Biological
B5. Alone In Kyoto

LP2 The Virgin Suicides
A1. Playground Love
A2. Clouds Up
A3. Bathroom Girl
A4. Cemetary Party
A5. Dark Messages
A6. The Word 'Hurricane'
A7. Dirty Trip

B1. High School Lover (Theme From The Virgin Suicides)
B2. Afternoon Sister
B3. Ghost Song
B4. Empty House
B5. Dead Bodies
B6. Suicide Underground

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  • 02.11.2017
  • Wea
  • Holland
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