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Original Soundtrack - Creed II (By Ludwig Goransson)

A1. Drago
A2. Wheeler Fight
A3. Yo? Is That A Yes?
A4. The Public Challenge
A5. Time Tick (performed By Tessa Thompson)
A6. You Think I'm Going To Lose
A7. Balanced Breakfast
A8. Ice Cold (performed By Vince Staples & Ludwig Göransson)
A9. Under Water
A10. Adonis And Amara

B1. You Might Find Me (performed By Jacob Banks & Ludwig Göransson)
B2. Runnin (performed By Ludwig Göransson Feat. A$ap Rocky And Jacob Banks)
B3. Drago's Walk Out
B4. I Will Go To War (performed By Tessa Thompson)
B5. Fight In Moscow
B6. It's Your Time
B7. Family Visit

Creed II (By Ludwig Goransson)
737 грн


  • 1 (LP)
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 22.02.2019
  • Music On Vinyl
  • 180gr./500 Numbered Copies White Vinyl
  • Holland
  • 8719262009936

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