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Original Soundtrack - Elf (By John Debney) (Picture Disс)

A1. Papa Elf 
A2. Main Title 
A3. Buddy's Journey 
A4. A Stroll With Buddy 
A5. Christmas Medley 
A6. Weird Wonderland 
A7. The Frozen Battlefield
A8. Buddy's Theme 
A9. Santa's In Trouble

B1. A Walk In The Park 
B2. Attack Of The Little People 
B3. Central Park Rangers
B4. Working With Dad 
B5. A Snowman's Advice
B6. Showdown In The Park
B7. Buddy And Santa's Flight
B8. Spaghetti And Syrup

Elf (By John Debney) (Picture Disс) Elf (By John Debney) (Picture Disс)
870 грн


  • 1 (LP)
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 14.12.2018
  • Concord
  • Holland
  • 0030206652536

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