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Original Soundtrack - Everybody'S Gone To The Rapture (by Jessica Curry)

A1. All the Earth
A2. Finding the Pattern
A3. Liquid Light
A4. The Sleep of Death
A5. For Ever
A6. The Mourning Tree
A7. Disappearing

B1. All of My Birds
B2. A Choice
B3. The Seventh Whistler
B4. An Early Harvest
B5. The Fragmenting
B6. A Beautiful Morning
B7. Carry Me Back to Her Arms

C1. A Storm Over Yaughton
C2. Little White Lie
C3. Aurora
C4. Clouds and Starlight
C5. The Pattern Calls Out
C6. The Manifestation

D1. These Silent Numbers
D2. Primary Conduit
D3. I Hope You Find Peace
D4. Slipping Away
D5. Infinite Zero
D6. The End of All Things
D7. I am not Afraid
D8. The Light We Cast

836 грн


  • 2 (LP)
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 23.11.2017
  • Music On Vinyl
  • 180gr./Gatefold/4p Booklet/500 Cps Coloured
  • Holland
  • 8718469540709

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