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Original Soundtrack - House I & House II (by Harry Manfredini)

LP1 House I (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
A1. Opening Titles
A2. The Abduction
A3. Hey, Rog!
A4. A Fiery SandyWitch
A5. Ding-Bat Attack
A6. 2nd Hand
A7. Viet Memories / The Chimney

B1. Big Ben Chase
B2. Cujo, The Racoon
B3. Viet Rescue
B4. "TrasparAuntie"
B5. Roger Gets A Hand
B6. Close Shave

LP2 House II (The Second Story)
C1. Opening Titles
C2. An Alternate Universe
C3. Avast Ye Aztecs
C4. There's A Jungle In There!
C5. "Skulldiggery"
C6. Lookin' For The Varmit Who Shot My Pa

D1. Arnold The Barbarian
D2. I Love You, Gramps
D3. A Rare Commodity
D4. Finale Grande
D5. End Titles

House I & House II (by Harry Manfredini)
1 662 грн


  • 2 (LP)
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 16.11.2017
  • Waxwork
  • Blue Vinyl
  • Holland
  • '0728028450422

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