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Original Soundtrack - The Fate Of The Furious (by Brian Tyler)

A1. The Fate of the Furious
A2. Cipher
A3. Zombie Time
A4. Reunited
A5. Confluence
A6. Affirmation
A7. The Toy Shop

B1. Hoodwinked
B2. Incentive
B3. Harpooned
B4. Simple Solutions
B5. Asking the Question
B6. The Cuban Mile

C1. Facing the Crocodile
C2. Cargo Breach
C3. Mutual Interest
C4. Wrecking Ball
C5. Taking Control
C6. Consequences
C7. Nobody's Intel

D1. Outflanked
D2. Welcome to the Club
D3. Roman
D4. Davidaniya
D5. Concussion Grenade
D6. Rogue
D7. Dead in the Eye
D8. The Return

836 грн


  • 2 (LP)
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 04.08.2017
  • Music On Vinyl
  • 180gr./Gatefold/4p Booklet/Poster/1000 Cps Silver Vinyl
  • Holland
  • 8719262004764

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